With most of the results in, the voters made schools the winners in Washington’ election, with a couple exceptions.

According to the Washington Secretary of State’s unofficial results, Woodland schools came up short on the ballot in Clark county. Voters said “no” by a more than 55 percent margin to their request.

Another notable exception: a school money measure in Ridgefield’s just two percent shy of passing. It has a fifty-eight-percent “yes” vote. Bonds require a 60% super-majority to pass.

But for Vancouver and Washougal, it was a much different story. Boters said yes to all of their property tax increases to bring in millions more for schools.

A three year technology levy’s also passing with more than 55 percent.

Overall about six hundred thousand voters cast ballots: that’s about a quarter of those eligible. Some 30 thousand ballots are not yet counted.

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