Clackamas Neighbors Learn About Wildfire Safety

CLACKAMAS, Ore–Clackamas Fire, Deputy Fire Marshal  Kari Shanklin and Education Director Tammy Owen walked  with KXL’s Rosemary Reynolds through a heavily wooded neighborhood just off Sunnyside Road .   Clackamas Fire has had a number of neighborhoods ask for wildfire assessments.  The interest has doubled over last year, because of the extensive loss of life and property due to the Beachie Creek Wildfire.

Deputy Fire Marshal Shanklin  says,” Trees like some of the big Cedar trees in green spaces close to homes and decks typically have branches that go all the way to the ground. Those are considered ladder fuel hazards. The dry needles on the ground make the area pretty combustible.  We suggest limbing up the trees 10 feet,  trimming all the branches. ”

Trees growing too close together need to have separation between them, really thinning them out. A tree every some many feet and not right on top of each other. You can learn more by going to for more information .  Sign up for  emergency public alerts :


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