Clackamas County Issues Public Health Advisory For Teen Vaping

OREGON CITY, Ore. – Clackamas County has issued a public health advisory for teen vaping.

“The percent of teens in Clackamas County who vape has increased by more than four times since 2013,” said Philip Mason-Joyner, Clackamas County Public Health Director. “In fact, over 26% of Clackamas County 11th grade students report using e-cigarettes or tobacco products, which is the is the highest rate in the region.”

The advisory is designed to raise awareness of health risks associated with vaping.

“Tobacco companies have a long history of using predatory methods to deliberately attract specific groups, including people of color, low-income individuals, and LGBTQ communities,” said Christina Bodamer, Co-Chair of the Clackamas Public Health Advisory Committee. “Fortunately, we know from what’s worked in other communities that there are proven strategies we can pursue locally to protect youth from the dangerous, life-long health impacts caused by vape and tobacco products.”



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