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Clackamas County Announces They Are “On The Cusp” Of Two Week Pause

See press release below:
OREGON CITY, Ore. – November 7, 2020 – Oregon Governor Kate Brown announced yesterday that at least five Oregon counties will begin a “two week pause”, Wednesday, Nov. 11. The announcement limits social interaction, in an effort to curb spiking COVID-19 infection rates.
Clackamas County was not among the five counties initially named. However, the Governor warned the county may be added to the “two week pause” list next week, if numbers continue to rise. And she emphasized the need to work together to drive down COVID-19 infection rates.
“Clackamas County residents will find out Monday if we’re subject to these further restrictions,” said Dr. Sarah Present, Clackamas County Public Health Officer. “But there are things we can do now to keep our guard up – and keep our businesses open.”
Dr. Present listed a number of steps we can all take to protect ourselves, our families, our friends and our communities:
  • Cancel larger social gatherings
  • Use these social limits to guide your Thanksgiving and holiday plans
  • Gather indoors less often, with fewer people, for a shorter time
  • Continue to wear face coverings
  • Continue to physically distance yourself from others — at least 6 feet
  • Continue to wash your hands often – especially before eating and touching your face
  • Get your flu shot
  • Stay home if you’re sick, or have been in contact with someone who’s sick
“As they said in yesterday’s press conference, it’s not too late to reverse the tide,” said Dr. Present. “These measures are put in place to save lives and protect the health of Oregonians. Don’t bring COVID home for the holidays.”
The Governor said the two-week pause includes: stopping visitations at long-term care facilities; reducing the number of patrons in restaurants and bars; reducing indoor group sizes to a maximum of six people; and asking businesses to require staff to work from home as much as possible.

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