City Of Vancouver To Open Third Safe Stay Community For Homeless Individuals

Vancouver, Wash. — The City of Vancouver is set to open its third supportive Safe Stay Community on Monday, Nov. 20, located at 415 W. 11th St.

This Safe Stay Community, managed by the nonprofit Outsiders Inn, will consist of 20 temporary modular structures, providing housing for up to 40 residents. The initiative is part of the City’s Homelessness Response Plan, aiming to enhance health, safety, and cleanliness for both housed and unhoused community members.

Key features of the Safe Stay Community include increased access to services, stability, and safe living conditions for transitioning out of homelessness. Onsite amenities such as restrooms, showers, and laundry facilities will be available. The City’s Homelessness Assistance and Resources Team, along with local nonprofits, has worked to relocate unhoused residents, prioritizing those in downtown camps to this site.

Camping within 1,000 feet of the site will be prohibited, offering a more structured and secure environment. The success of the City’s two existing Safe Stays in east and central Vancouver, having served a total of 186 people, helped 48 residents secure employment, and placed 73 in stable housing, has paved the way for this third Safe Stay Community.

Looking ahead, the City and its partners plan to open a fourth Safe Stay at 4611 Main St. on property owned by the Washington State Department of Transportation by the end of the year.

In response to the escalating homelessness crisis, the City Council passed an Emergency Declaration on Nov. 6, empowering the City Manager to issue emergency orders promptly. This declaration aims to provide the necessary speed and tools to address the evolving challenges associated with homelessness in Vancouver.

For further details about the City’s Emergency Declaration and the background of Safe Stay Community 3, please visit the City of Vancouver’s official website.