City Of Portland Possibly Warning Employees To Leave Downtown By Noon Friday, Stay Away This Weekend

Portland, Ore. – Fm News 101 KXL has reached out to the City of Portland to independently confirm this information. KXL obtained a copy of what appears to be a letter sent out from the City of Portland to City Employees today, warning them to leave the downtown area because of possible violence. Again KXL is working to independently confirmed this was sent out to workers.

Here is what the alleged letter says:

Dear City Employees,

Out of an abundance of caution, we are asking that employees leave the downtown area by noon today and avoid the area through the remainder of the weekend.

As you may know, there are scheduled demonstrations for the downtown corridor this afternoon and this weekend, as well as the potential for increases in dangerous or violent activity.

If you have questions about your specific work situation, please check in with your supervisor.

Best Regards,

Manny Guerra

Security Manager

City of Portland


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