CEO Of Seattle-Based Planned Parenthood Affiliate Fired After Racist Term Used In Meeting

SEATTLE (AP) – The CEO of a Seattle-based affiliate of Planned Parenthood has been removed from her position after controversy following a donor’s use of a racist term in a meeting.

The Seattle Times reports that Chris Charbonneau was ousted last week as head of Planned Parenthood Great Northwest, Hawaii, Alaska, Indiana, Kentucky.

The organization says a donor used a racist term to refer to Black people this fall and Charbonneau repeated the word while discussing the meeting with another staffer.

Board members Jeff Sprung and Colleen Foster said an investigation found Charbonneau did not admonish the donor.

Charbonneau, who is white, said she was upset by the use of the racist term and told the donor, also white, the word shouldn’t have been used.

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