Sesame Street continues to impact, continues to win awards, continues “to live” real life in real time. You know what I mean? It’s like those puppets can read our minds, see our real life stories ahead of time, and “feel” what we feel.

Sesame Street is 50 years old!!!

Yes, I’m a fan.

I so appreciate the use of story telling, song, dance, real humans and real puppets… they model kindness, inclusivity, curiosity, expression (no matter what emotion is called for, all the feels.) They talk about hard stuff and help each other process.

I interviewed a couple of childhood experts here in Portland, Janet Allison from Boys Alive!, and Carmen Ripley Wilson with Beanstalk Resale. They both have their own memories of Sesame Street, and their children’s’ memories. They both say Sesame Street takes its time, it’s like gathering around the proverbial hearth, familiar and comforting, each human is celebrated, and they deal with relevant, every day issues.

Sesame Street” premiered on public TV, across the nation, on Nov. 10, 1969. It’s TV’s first children’s show to focus on preschoolers, and the most diverse show to ever hit the airwaves in that time.

HBO hosts Sesame St. now, you can catch it Saturday mornings. They aired an anniversary special this past weekend, you can catch it again on PBS on Nov. 17TH.

Watch as the characters share some of their favorite memories! And share yours below!