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Breastfeeding Battle

The newest battle of breastfeeding in public is being waged in Minnesota after two moms […]

Borrow Now?

Important signs point toward more interest rate hikes.  Knowing this, are  you more likely to […]

Roseanne on Hannity

Roseanne issued an apology to Valerie Jarret–the former White House Advisor she offended in a […]

In My Feelings Challenge

Government safety experts from the NTSB are warning drivers about the latest online challenge.  It’s […]

Drugs and Demi

Demi Lovato is recovering is recovering in a hospital this morning after overdosing. The former […]

Have A Favorite TV Show?

This story from “Variety” got me thinking.  What’s your favorite show?  Ever seen “America’s Got […]

Vacation Bliss….Gone

A new study from the American Psychological Association asked 1,500 workers and found only 68% […]

Soil Your Undies

Yes, seriously.  That is the name of a movement (yes, I said movement) to test […]