Catch Her if You Can!

You can call Jessica Nabongo a world traveler!  She’s a writer, photographer and has been to ALL 195 United Nations recognized countries, plus ten territories.  She’s written a book on it called, Catch Me If You Can.

Nabongo was born and raised in Detroit, and her book documents her adventures from swimming with humpback whales in Tonga; a scooter accident in Nauru, the world’s least visited country; horseback riding and learning to lasso with Black cowboys in Oklahoma; dog sledding in Finland; a late-night adventure with strangers to cross the border between Guinea-Bissau and Guinea; and much more. But more than anything, her story is about the kindness of strangers—from the people who supported her journey on social media to those she met along the way, ones who opened their homes, tables, and hearts to her.

You can hear Jessica’s story here:

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