Candidates in Multnomah County District 2 – Nick Hara

PORTLAND, Ore. — Nick Hara’s Oregon story actually began way across the ocean in Japan. “I am a fourth generation Japanese American living here in Portland.  Got a one year old daughter that I’m raising in Cully.”

He has expertise in data. “Most of my professional life has been working in data but before that I had a small stint doing public involvement work, which if you’re familiar with it is basically the job of facilitating communities along with private and governmental entities to help them”

When COVID- 19 came along, it marked a big change in Hara’s life. He became more drawn to public service and politics. Still with an emphasis on using his skills in data.

“I then moved on during the pandemic to working with Alexandria Ocasio Cortez’s campaign as her data director. And in the very early days, her district was hit the hardest of any district. in the United States. So we were providing direct food aid. We were using data to find folks that were in need that did not have access to a lot of the assistance and government benefits. These were mostly front line workers. And so we were able to make a very meaningful direct change in our community.”  And though he found his work with the New York Congresswoman rewarding, he heeded an even stronger call to come home to Oregon. “Finally decided I’ve had enough being out in New York, being, other places in the country. I want to come back home. I want to be here in Portland where all my family is, start my own family.”

Now, as he runs for Multnomah County Commission District 2, North and Northeast Portland, he sees another community that badly needs help.

“I decided to run because I think that there’s three core crises that we’re facing, three things that we can really tackle, get our hands into and make change. It’s livability, sustainability, and accountability.”

He told members of the East Portland Chamber, “I think we have a lot of opportunity to make change.”

Hara is one of five candidates running in the May 21st election for Multnomah County District 2.

If none of the candidates gets at least 50 percent of the vote, the two top vote getters will advance to a November’s election.

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