Camas School District Teachers’ Union Announces Strike, First Day Of School Canceled

Camas, Wash. — The union representing teachers in the Camas School District has confirmed a strike beginning on Monday. As a result, the district has announced the cancellation of the first day of the school year.

The decision to strike follows a final round of bargaining on Sunday. The Camas Education Association reported that discussions concluded when the district declined to commit to reasonable class sizes and equitable funding for music, physical education, and libraries. The district countered by presenting a new proposal featuring increased salaries and reduced class sizes. The district expressed disappointment at what it perceives as a backward step by the union.

The union has outlined plans for members to commence picketing in the morning. Additionally, union members and supporters are scheduled to gather at a Camas school board meeting on Monday evening.

The district’s webpage features a FAQ section about the strike, explaining that due to having only 150 substitute teachers available, maintaining school operations during the strike is unfeasible. With approximately 450 teachers represented by the union, the district anticipates needing to schedule makeup days in the coming school year to compensate for missed instructional time.

Meanwhile, negotiations for new staff contracts in the Evergreen School District and Battle Ground School District are ongoing. Although both districts are also facing potential strikes, their first day of school is slated for Wednesday, allowing additional time for negotiators to secure agreements.