Bye Bye 2018, It’s Been Real

We may not appreciate it enough, making it through another full calendar year.  I’m writing to express my appreciation today.

2018 will be a memorable one in my eyes.

It’s the year I was offered the great opportunity to come work with a crack team of news professionals here at KXL.

It’s the year I got to come work in one of our nation’s coolest, weirdest, and greatest cities!

The journey west is certainly something I will never forget.  I logged over 3,000 miles traveling from the Florida Panhandle all the way to the Pacific Northwest, stopping for a great adventure in West Hollywood and making plans for a future drive up and down “The 101.”

In 2018, I’ve been to see the Oregon coast as well as Multnomah Falls and Mount Hood.

I’ve been to see a so-called “Drag Brunch” at a local eatery in Southeast Portland.  I loved every second of that — and I even threw on a purple whig for good measure.

I’ve hit a multitude of great locations for night life and fun with friends.

Whether it was The Alibi, Portland City Grill, The Jack Knife Lounge, Kell’s, Kelly’s, Pizza Schmizza (yo Zach!), Cheerful Tortoise, The White Owl, Chopsticks…..I got the chance to meet new and interesting local people everywhere.

I got the rare opportunity to meet and chat with Jim Belushi!!  He was in Portland for a business conference.

Of course, I could never forget one of my favorite events here in town.  I got to go sit with the Timbers Army and watch the home team win an early season game at Providence Park (thank you Lucinda and Brice!!)

Just weeks ago — I got to be with a pub full of Timbers fans to watch as our team fought for the MLS Cup.

I must say, Portland’s soccer culture is second to none here in the U.S.

How about those Winter Hawks!?  I loved going over to the Coliseum to watch them play — and win.

Of course, I can’t forget to mention the downright magical NFL season it’s been for long-time Kansas City Chiefs fans like me.  However, I must also say how very cool it is to see the Seattle Seahawks do so well.

Russell Wilson is amazing…

Put it on the record, I’m rooting for a Chiefs vs. Seahawks Super Bowl.

And, of course — I’m looking forward to all that 2019 will bring as I continue my journey here in the Pacific Northwest.

I can’t wait to explore more of this wonderful city.

Also — I’ve resolved to make it to at least 10 Portland Trail Blazers games this year 🙂 and at least one or two Ducks football games.

Here’s to a great 2018 and a prosperous year ahead!!



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