Building Fences For Dogs Across Oregon and SW Washington

A Non-profit named Fences For Fido had one its trucks stolen and vandalized after crew members finished building a fence for a dog named Bullet who was being chained 24/7, in the Dalles.

The truck was found but is currently inoperable, but the non-profit remains active in building fences to unchain over 3,000 dogs and counting in Oregon and Southwest Washington.

Michelle Blake, the executive director for Fences for Fido, is grateful for the mission they set out to accomplish as their fencing services have extended to providing veterinarian services such as spaying and neutering which can prove costly for some dog owners.

help is on the way

With a fence building crew in Bend, they even started receiving requests from the Warm Springs Reservation and have a built a strong relationship with the Tribal Council to provide services for people on the reservation, while partnering with First Nations Vet and CAMP (Companion Animal Medical Project.)

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