At Least One Home Destroyed In Milepost 87 Fire In The Dalles

The Dalles, Ore. – A fire erupted in The Dalles, located along the Columbia River Gorge, on Wednesday evening, leading to mandatory evacuation orders and resulting in the destruction of at least one home.

The fire originated near milepost 87 on the east side of The Dalles, just off I-84. Its proximity to a mobile home and RV park situated on a hill above the interstate raised concerns about the safety of residents and structures in the area.

The Oregon State Fire Marshal’s office promptly responded to the incident by dispatching two scooper planes to assist in containing the wildfire and providing support to the ground crews battling the blaze.

According to a tweet from the Oregon State Fire Marshal’s office, the fire ignited in the afternoon and rapidly spread due to strong gusts of wind. Close coordination with local fire agencies is ongoing, and further evaluation is being conducted to determine if additional resources are required.

Evacuation orders were issued by the Wasco County Sheriff’s Office shortly before 7 p.m. on Wednesday night. Level 3 “Go Now” orders were implemented for areas east of Veterans Drive, spanning from Summit Drive to Eightmile Road and Viewpoint Road. In addition, Level 2 “Get Ready” warnings were issued for areas east of Eightmile Road extending to Company Hollow Road.

Notably, the Oregon Veterans’ Home, which serves as a residential facility for disabled veterans, fell within the evacuation zone. However, the Wasco County Sheriff’s Office clarified that the center’s residents are “sheltering in place” instead of being relocated. Adequate measures have been taken to safeguard the building, its occupants, and staff, with numerous fire engines deployed in the vicinity.

Evacuees seeking assistance are directed to Gateway Presbyterian Church located at 1111 Dry Hollow Road, which has been designated as a Red Cross shelter. Additionally, individuals in need of support are encouraged to contact the emergency information line at 541-506-2792.

Meantime in eastern Oregon firefighters are responding to two wildfires, which spread across the state line into Benton County, Washington, where they’re threatening homes, and destroyed a building, damaged fruit orchards and scorched several thousand acres.

Oregon has a three-tiered evacuation system.  1 means get ready, 2 means get set, and 3 means, go now.  But Alice Busch with Multnomah County Emergency Management says some people, especially those with disabilities, may need to evacuate at level 1 or 2 and not wait until level 3.

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