BottleDrop Oregon Putting On 50th Anniversary Hidden Bottle Hunt

PORTLAND, Ore. — BottleDrop Oregon is celebrating it’s 50th anniversary by putting on a statewide treasure hunt.  They have hidden 6 special golden bottles in 6 different zones across the state of Oregon.  Daily clues will start coming out on Wednesday July 7th and will continue through July 11th.

Once someone finds a commemorative bottle, they are encouraged to call it in.  They will show proof of the bottle, then get $500 donated to the charity of their choice in their name.  They will keep the bottle as a kind of trophy.

Eric Chambers tells KXL they started with the country’s only refillable bottle and went from there.  He says they had them custom decorated and are wrapping them up tight to keep them protected, then storing them in a burlap sack.  From there, the bottles will be hidden in some type of park or public space.  But, not where they have to be dug up by hurting plants or anything else.

Oregon has been at the forefront of this concept from the beginning when the first of its kind Oregon Bottle Bill passed in 1971 and took effect in October of 1972.  It made the law that the returning of all qualified cans and bottles would result in a minimum .05 cent refund.  The law was changed to .10 cents in April of 2017.

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