New Orangutan At The Oregon Zoo Named After Dolly Parton Classic

UPDATE: The Oregon Zoo says the baby is named “Jolene”.

“Inspired by the line in the Dolly Parton classic that goes, “Your beauty is beyond compare / with flaming locks of auburn hair,” she will be called Jolene.”

Jolene was born on April 13th. She and her mom Kitra should now be seen in the outdoor habitat.

PORTLAND, Ore. – The Oregon Zoo has a new resident.

20-year-old Bornean Orangutan Kitra has given birth to a new baby.

The baby was born on Wednesday morning and is currently in the maternity den with its mother.

“We’re all pretty excited about it,” said Kate Gilmore, who oversees the zoo’s primate area. “It’s great to see Kitra taking such good care of her baby. There’s still a lot that could happen, so we’re being very cautious and giving her as much quiet time as possible. But so far she seems to be taking to motherhood quite well.”

Caregivers won’t know if the newborn is a male or female for a few weeks.

Once the pair are feeling comfortable and healthy, animal-care staff will determine whether they are ready for a public debut.

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