Bomb Squad Called To Heritage High School

Vancouver, Wash. — Clark County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO) responded to a report of a suspicious object at Heritage High School on April 24, 2023, around 08:32 hours. The object was found outside near the courtyard of the school.

Upon discovery of the object, the school staff immediately contacted the law enforcement and secured the area, bringing all students into the classrooms to ensure their safety. Thankfully, no students or staff were harmed during the incident.

The Metro Explosives Disposal Unit (MEDU) was called in to investigate the object. After thorough examination, MEDU determined the object was empty and not harmful. The package was wrapped in duct tape and had a keypad attached to the outside.

Following the confirmation that there was no threat, the object was removed from the area, and the school returned to normal operation.

CCSO is committed to ensuring the safety and security of all schools and takes all potential threats seriously. The department is working with the school district’s security team to investigate the source of the object.