Bomb Found On Sherwood Middle School Campus

SHERWOOD, Ore. — A person playing with their dog called police on Wednesday night after finding what looked like a bomb in a field on the campus of Sherwood Middle School.  It was a ball wrapped in tape with a fuse extending from it.

The dog’s owner told police their pet picked it up.  Police say this is a good reminder to keep pets on a leash.

Sherwood Police arrived after 6:00pm and evacuated the area.

Experts with the Explosives Detonation Unit confirmed the bomb was a homemade improvised explosive similar to a mortar firework that was capable of causing very severe injuries or death.  The device was safely detonated without damage to school property.

Officers worked through the evening searching all school campuses and parks in the area just in case there were other explosive devices.

In part of a statement the Sherwood School District thanked police for their collaboration in responding to last night’s event, and in particular to our School Resource Officer James Wolfer for his participation in the searches conducted at our facilities.  All schools were open today, following the normal bell schedule.

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