Black History Portland: Where Are We Now?

PORTLAND, Ore–Pastor Matt Hennesse of Vancouver Avenue First Baptist Church tells FM News 101 KXL younger people want to step up the conversation process and move forward more quickly than those living in the time of Martin Luther King Jr.  “They say it’s too slow.  the movement needs to be far more strident, bold and bigger. people are willing to be less vocal.”  Bigger important strides tells everyone the message has been gotten.

The pastor believes folks think it’s about time.  Instead of painting black people with the brush of violence, individuals are finding people are more peaceful than they ever thought.

Pastor Hennesse says, ” George Floyd’s death reminds us of what life has been for black Americans in this country for 400 years. Black people are not asking for anything other than life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  As Dr. King said Black Supremacy is as dangerous as White Supremacy.”  Reverand Hennesse invites anyone who wishes to join in a bi-monthly conversation Reckoning with Race through Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon.  The sessions are held online

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