Salem, Ore. – A fire has broke out early this morning in Salem and it’s big enough to be seen from space. It’s at a business called Oregon Pallet, that makes wood pallets, on Salem Industrial Drive off Portland road. So there’s lots of wood, lots of fuel for the fire. We’ve learned that Salem Fire has called a 4th alarm, bringing lots of extra crews to the scene to help put it out. Officials say no one was hurt thankfully. The owner of the business tells News Partner KGW, the damage to equipment and wood is around $1,000,000, but she’s grateful no one was hurt. Salem Fire tweeted this video:


The National Weather service is tweeting the fire can be seen from satellites in space.

A KXL Listener could see the fire from I-5 Freeway and heard some explosions. We’re continuing to follow this developing story.

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