CLARK COUNTY, Wash. — Ben Crump, known as one of the country’s leading civil rights attorneys, will join Seattle Lawyer Lara Herrmann in representing the family of 21-year-old Kevin Peterson Jr. of Camas, Washington.  Crump has previously represented the families of Breona Taylor, George Floyd, Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown.

Peterson was shot and killed by Clark County Sheriff’s deputies on October 29th.  He had just completed a drug deal near the Quality Inn off Highway 99 in Hazel Dell.  Deputies say he ran from them, dropped a gun, picked it back up and fled to the U.S. Bank parking lot where he fell.  When he sat back up, the gun was pointed at deputies.  Still in question is whether the gun was ever fired at deputies.

In a press release, attorney Ben Crump says: “The legal team will seek justice for Peterson and his family as well as Clark County residents who were lied to by police.”

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