Biden Administration Considering Limiting Travel For Some Migrant Families In Texas

As first reported in the L.A. Times, the Biden administration is exploring the possibility of requiring certain migrant families who enter the U.S. without authorization to remain near the Texas border while awaiting asylum screening, aiming to curb the recent surge in migrant family arrivals.

Key Points:

  • The proposal seeks to limit the travel of migrant families to the interior of the United States.
  • It intends to deter unauthorized border crossings and expedite the deportation process for families failing initial asylum screenings.
  • Families could be tracked through GPS monitoring devices, such as ankle bracelets, and go through an asylum screening process.
  • The Department of Homeland Security is considering targeting Central American families for the program.
  • The administration hopes to leverage existing authorities to ensure a fair immigration process.
  • A similar policy was last attempted during the late 1980s by the Reagan administration.


  • The Biden administration has faced criticism for its treatment of migrant families, with concerns raised about access to legal representation and the pace of asylum proceedings.
  • The proposal aims to discourage migrants from crossing the border unlawfully and urges them to use legal pathways.
  • The administration has ruled out detaining families at the border but plans to employ alternatives to detention.
  • Critics argue that people should not be penalized for seeking asylum.

The potential plan represents an effort to address the challenges posed by the recent surge in migrant family arrivals and expedite the asylum process for those seeking refuge in the United States.