Behavior Problems?  Head Out to the Farm!

There’s a non-profit just outside of Albany that believes in good old fashioned work. People with behavioral issues are spending time on a ranch, laying irrigation lines, hauling hay and working with the animals, and it’s working!

Dave Berger and Athena Perry run Hand in Hand Farm in Lebanon. The goal is to rebuild families through agricultural and equine adventures, apprenticeship, life skills courses, tutoring, and caring mentorship with the goal of building stronger communities.

The idea is to teach some life skills by making them part of a working farm.  It’s free to people who attend, and the organization is funded through donations.  They’re always willing to have your support, and could use more volunteers.  You can sign up here.

Veronica paid the farm a visit and talked to Dave and Athena.  You can hear their story here:


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