Beaverton Restaurant Offers Desserts from Every Corner of the World!

There’s a dessert shop in Beaverton that’s offering up some amazing and unique dishes.    Small Turkish donuts called Lokma’s, Crepes Fettucini, Waffles and pancakes covered in chocolate, ice cream, Kit Kats, pistachios, Oreo’s for example.   Brownies layered in fruit, candy, marshmallows, and other really delicious things.  It’s hard to describe just how delicious DOT SUGAR is.   I talked to the owner Ahmad, who tells me he modeled this after DOT SUGAR in the country of Jordan.   The idea is to take the best deserts of many countries, France, Germany, the U.S, and the Middle East, and make them available here.  DOT SUGAR PDX is the only one in Oregon, but Ahmad wants to expand in the Northwest.

You can hear the story here:

Here are some delicious photos.  Sorry in advance that I made you really hungry! (Veronica)






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