Beaverton Considers Car Camping Ban

Beaverton, Or. – Beaverton City Council took testimony last night on a proposed ban on car camping. It heard  from a number of high school students including Samantha Miller, a Beaverton High School freshman who is part of a group called Club Hope. She said ” we believe that no one should be homeless or in the position where they need to sleep in their car and that the solution to the issue is to help those that are experiencing homelessness and not criminalize them.”

Mark Olson testified in favor of the ban. He told the council  “one of the campers in our neighborhood is about 30 yards from  where the grade school kids get off the bus.  I don’t know who this guy is; neither do you guys. It’s possible he could be a predator.”

Mayor Denny Doyle calls it “an ordinance of last resort.”

Under the proposed ban, a first offense would  mean a written warning to leave the area within 72 hours. It would let police tow the car if the person violated the ordinance during the last 30 days. Last night was the first reading of the ordinance. Final vote is next week. If approved, the ordinance will take effect in 30 days.



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