Battle Ground Father And Son Take Plea Deals For Their Roles On January 6th

PORTLAND, Ore. – A dad from Battle Ground has pleaded guilty in connection with his actions, at the January 6th capitol riot in 2021. 

In U.S. District Court Monday, 64 year old Jeff Grace pleaded guilty to a single count: of entering and remaining in a restricted building or grounds.  When our news partner KGW asked him why he joined the protesters pushing past security to get inside the building, he had a tough time explaining it.  “You know I really don’t know,” he said. “I don’t wanna say swept up by the crowd or swept up by my heart.”

There’s footage of Grace, taking photos with his son Jeremy during the riot in 2021. His son was sentenced to 21 days in prison and supervised release. Depending on what happens at his sentencing on August 3rd, Grace could have to spend as long as six months in prison. Prosecutors have charged 9 people from Oregon and Southwest Washington in connection with January 6th.  Four have pleaded guilty, including Jeff and Jeremy Grace.   Court records show they say they went to D.C. to attend a rally to support former President Donald Trump.   They traveled and stayed at a hotel with a member of the Proud Boys identified as “Travis” in court documents. The three men attended a gathering of the Proud Boys from around the country on Jan. 5, prosecutors said in court documents.

On Jan. 6, the father and son from Southwest Washington joined with a large group of Proud Boys at the Washington Monument before walking toward the U.S. Capitol Building, according to federal investigators.

Federal prosecutors have shared photos and video with the court showing both Jeff and Jeremy Grace a few feet behind the front line of protesters who pushed past law enforcement protecting the Capitol. Images taken from security cameras also show Grace entering the U.S. Capitol Building and then watching another rioter attempt to steal a Congressional lectern.


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