Bat Found In Salem-Area Home Tests Positive For Rabies

SALEM, Ore. – A bat found in a home in the Salem area has tested positive for rabies.

The Oregon Health Authority says seven bats have now tested positive for rabies so far this year.

About 8-10% of the bats tested for rabies are positive every year.

Authorities emphasize the main protection for humans is to make sure pets are vaccinated and to avoid contact with stray animals and wildlife.

If you do have an exposure (e.g., scratch or bite) from a bat, immediately clean the wound and seek medical attention. Report the incident to Marion County at 503-588-5346.

If the bat has been captured, do not crush the bat or throw it away, as intact bats can be tested for rabies, which can help people avoid needing post-exposure rabies shots.

If your pet has encountered a bat or been bitten by a wild animal, contact your veterinarian immediately or call the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife at 866-968-2600.


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