Alright, they’ve got me with this one.  I will tell you right now, without seeing any kind of critical insight, I will spend my money to watch this movie when it comes out in theaters.

Here’s a great teaser trailer:

This is going BACK, now.  We’re talking childhood stuff for me and many other millennials.

So, it looks like Will Smith is involved as the genie, I suppose.  I am hopeful the casting director demanded Gilbert Gottfried be hired to play the part of Iago, of course.  I don’t think I’ll get my wish (I’m not seeing anyone named as playing “Iago” in a quick Google search).

At any rate, this Disney animated classic will be tricky to redo.  I’m sure this version will be filled with all kinds of cool visuals.

They say it’s coming this summer, so look for much more to be released about it.