Audiobooks: The New Work From Home Craze

With more people upgrading their home offices, and spending a lot of time there instead of being on-site at work, many are rethinking just what they can do from home. Audiobooks have become very popular, and more people are looking into making some side cash, or turning it into a new career.

Dave Brower is a voice actor, coach and author. He spent years in radio, and has that “radio voice”, but he says you don’t have to be a pro to be able to become a voice actor. He says if you can sit down and have an engaging conversation with people, you can be an audiobook reader.  You can also do it from the comfort of your own home!



Dave now works for The Great Voice Company, and says before you spend a lot of money hiring people to tell you how to break into the business, there is a FREE website where you can audition for thousands of jobs.  Click here for the link: ACX.COM.

You can practice there until you get it right, but if you do want to hire a vocal coach, there are a lot of them available. Dave is one of them, and I will vouch for him. (He was my boss for about a decade.)  You can reach out to him here at the Great Voice Company, or by emailing [email protected].

As far as equipment, you need a laptop, a good USB microphone (I use an old Handy Zoom recorder instead), and a soundproof spot in your home or office.


By the way, not only is Dave a voice actor and coach, he’s written his first book, and turned it into an audiobook.  It’s called LOVE YA MOM!   




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