At Least 30 Road Projects Transition From  Summer To Fall In Clackamas County

OREGON CITY, Ore– SE Kelso Road and SE Richy Road in the Boring area have just been repaved.   Theissen and Arista roads are next on the list.  Shane Abbott Transportation Operations Manager for Clackamas County says, “Vehicles Registration Fees are financing the upgrades.”

A larger project starting this week through November is on Sunnyside Road where ADA ramps will be rebuilt because they are no longer in compliance.  The work will take place from 132nd to 162nd. next Summer that section of Sunnyside Road will be repaved.  Sunnyside Road is the busiest county road.  Abbott estimates 40,000 cars a day use it.

The county does a number of maintenance repairs this time of year to stretch out the usefulness of the roads until it’s time to repave. Drivers should use Trip-check to see if roads they intend to use might be impacted.

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