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Are Politics Bedraggling The Timbers??

The Portland Timbers haven’t scored a “W” in three home matches, but beyond that, they haven’t scored a single goal in three home matches.  Oh wait, that’s not quite correct.  They’ve scored an own goal.

Even in soccer, that has to be a pretty rare thing.

I must say, it begs the question;

Are the Portland Timbers — and their fans — letting politics ruin the season?

So many Timbers fans have vowed to continue protesting a league policy against political signage at matches, but that protest may very well be costing their favorite team a chance at a championship.

Of course, this is all based on a recent dust up over the display of the “Iron Front” symbol at Portland Timbers matches inside Providence Park.

Some Timbers fans have even been banned because of the controversy.

In response, the organization that runs the famous “Timbers Army” has been engaged in an, at times, contentious back-and-forth with Major League Soccer over this issue.

The protest has turned Providence Park into a rather calmer, quieter place.

You can imagine how home field advantage might evaporate entirely.

That seems to be happening, if it hasn’t already.

I could be wrong to ask, but I checked with my guy John Canzano (host of the “Bald Faced Truth” on 750 AM “The Game) and he agreed.  He added that Timbers fans may also be a little worn out.  It has been a long home stand, for sure.

In any case, the Portland Timbers now find themselves struggling to earn a post-season berth less than a year from contending for the MLS Cup.  If you want to win, something’s gotta give, right?

Or — is winning secondary to politics in this scenario?  Hmm.  I wonder about it.


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