Archeologists Find Mummy Surrounded By Coca Leaves On Hilltop In Peru’s Capital

LIMA, Peru (AP) — Archeologists have found a pre-Hispanic mummy surrounded by coca leaves on top of a hill in Peru’s capital next to the practice field of a professional soccer club.

A team from The Associated Press on Thursday viewed the skeleton with long black hair lying face up with its lower extremities tied with a rope braided from vines of vegetable origin.

Archeologist Miguel Aguilar says the mummy was buried in a ritual that included coca leaves and seashells.

The burial was on top of a destroyed U-shaped clay temple, a characteristic of some pre-Hispanic buildings.

Aguilar says the mummy has not yet been subjected to radiocarbon dating to determine its ag

The hill is next to the training field and headquarters for the Sporting Cristal soccer club.

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