Agreement Reached on Portland Police Body Cams

Mayor Ted Wheeler’s announced that the city of Portland and the police union, the Portland Police Association, have finally reached an agreement on body cams.  This caps a long simmering debate.

The Mayor’s office released a statement saying,  “This policy has been a top priority for Mayor Wheeler’s administration for years, and he and his fellow Commissioners are pleased to have achieved this milestone. The City and the PPA have long agreed that body worn cameras are an important tool for supporting and enhancing public trust in law enforcement.  This agreement is the result of positive collaboration between the City and its police officers. We are excited to implement this important tool as soon as possible, and continue to provide opportunities for our officers to demonstrate the work they do every day to make Portland safer for everyone.”

It does not explain the details.  Back in February, the two sides couldn’t reach agreement, and headed toward arbitration.  A big sticking point during the negotiations has been about police being able to review body cam footage, before writing their reports. The Portland Police Association wanted no restrictions for officers on reviewing body cam footage, even in cases of deadly force.  But the city wanted some restrictions on reviewing body cam footage for use of force incidents, especially when someone’s killed.  

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