After Two Weeks Learning From Home, Students Return To Reynolds Middle School

FAIRVIEW, Ore. — Two weeks after administrators sent kids at Reynolds Middle School home due to bad behavior and fighting on campus, students are returning to the classroom.

Kids were sent home to participate in distance learning instead.  Administrators, teachers and staff worked with parents to come up with a plan to keep everyone safe.  Two additional staff members have been added to the school to monitor situations and safety.   The district is negotiating with the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office to add two school resource officers on campus beginning in January.

Parents and students met online with teachers to work on a plan that offers additional counseling at school.  A school safety plan was reviewed and finalized.

On Tuesday, 6th graders only will attend classes; Wednesday it will be 7th grade only; and 8th graders only on Thursday.  On Friday, all students will  return to campus.

1,000 students attend Reynolds Middle School.

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