A Study Gets Under Way To Completely Restore The Thompson Elk

The Portland Parks Foundation is commissioning a design and feasibility study for bringing back the David Thompson Elk just like it was with the fountain Pre- riot.. A team is going to be hired that knows a lot about historic restorations, masonry and traffic engineering. PBOT has said the Elk should return on a smaller base, without a fountain making more room for bicycles and Buses. Part of the study will dive deep into street design to accommodate people walking and transportation.  An anonymous donor has stepped up to pay for the study.
The Thompson Fountain dates back to 1900 . The fountain was placed on Main Street between Southwest 3rd and 4th, 122 years ago.   It  was named after a Portland Mayor David P. Thompson.  He was in office in the late 1800’s.

Public comment on what should happen to the historic Elk Statute and Fountain is expected to take place later this Spring or early Summer.

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