A Pandemic Won’t Stop our KXL Everyday Hero!

Not even COVID could stop volunteers from getting meals to homebound seniors in 2020.  During the holidays Friends of the Children in Portland put on a huge dinner for seniors and those who are in need.  The idea is to have young people help those in other generations.  In 2020 it nearly didn’t happen because of the pandemic but Kim Bargay with Marquis Companies, who coordinates the event, decided to switch things up.   Not only did she a handful of other volunteers make twice as much food as usual, they also had to package it up and figure out how to get it to homebound seniors and people in need.


She’s been nominated for this week’s KXL EVERYDAY HERO by Amy Drahota of the Vital Life Foundations, an Oregon based long term care company.

As for 2021, pandemic or not, Bargay says there WILL be a huge holiday meal.


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