A Local’s Recipe For Hand Cleaner Going Viral- Now They Need Your Help To Make More!

Portland, Ore. – These locals are getting new national attention, and a lot of “Thank You’s,” as they make hand cleaner out of their “waste,” and hand it out for free. Shine Distillery in North Portland has been doing this for about a week now. They take a by-product from their alcohol production, and convert it into cleaner. They’ve used it to clean their building, but now they’re bottling it up and giving it out to help clean hands and fight the spread of coronavirus in the community. Owner Jon Poteet says they’ve been giving out about 1,000 little bottles each day. Its been so popular now they need your help to make more. They need more of those empty 3 oz bottles, that you can find at dollar stores, or in travel sections. KXL’s Jacob Dean talked with him, listen to the interview here:

Poteet says they’ve been insanely, crazy busy ever since they started this. He says he’s doing it because he wants to keep himself happy and health, and if his neighbors get sick, he probably will too. He’s even getting calls from other alcohol producers who want the recipe, which he’s happy to give out. Now a handful of other distilleries are following in their footsteps and making it too. The hand cleaner recipe was also sent out to the 13,000 members of the American Distillery Institute.

Check out more on the Shine Distillery Instagram page here.


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