A Freeway Toll Plan Is On The Way To The Feds

Salem, Ore. — The Oregon Transportation Commission gave final approval to a plan to charge drivers to use portions of I-5 and I-205.

The Federal Highway Administration will review the application and get back to the state.

A major concern is drivers who leave the freeways to avoid tolls and head into the neighborhoods.

Right now a popular exit would go right through the Overlook Neighborhood if the tolls end and start there …

“Washingtonians don’t want it! Why don’t they want it? Because they want to get off the freeway before they have to pay the tolls and go through North Portland.  Swan Island probably doesn’t want it.  UPS, FedEx, Daimler are all down there and if they can send their trucks north, they’ll be happy.”

The neighborhood association President has the ears of Commission Chair Tammy Baney who indicates those are just marks on a piece of paper right now …

“I really just want to make sure folks understand this is a process that’s going to be years”

If approved, any tolling would not take effect until sometime after 2024.



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