A Christmas Mystery On Hwy 26

Beaverton, Ore – It’s a little bit of magic in the middle of a very busy freeway.  A small Douglas Fir Tree located in the center median of the Sunset highway between NW Cornell Rd, and Murray Blvd, has been been decorated for the holidays. In fact someone has decorated the tree for years. Washington County Sheriff and Beaverton Police deny having anything to do with the tree, or knowing who is responsible for the annual decoration.

Oregon Department of Transportation says they do there best to eliminate distractions on the road. “ODOT does not decorate trees that are in the right of way, Said ODOT Spokesperson Don Hamilton. “We are very concerned about when there’s distractions from the important safety messages that appear on the roads.”

The tree isn’t easily accessible, located in the center median. Hamilton also cautions against any activity, no matter how festive, on the side of the road.

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