Appeals Court Upholds Most Eyman Campaign Finance Violations

SEATTLE (AP) — A Washington state Court of Appeals on Tuesday upheld most of the campaign finance violations that longtime anti-tax initiative promoter Tim Eyman was found liable for last year.

The court kept in place the multimillion-dollar verdict against Eyman and the majority of the restrictions prohibiting Eyman from controlling the finances of political committees, The Seattle Times reported.

The Division II Court of Appeals largely found for Attorney General Bob Ferguson in his case against Eyman, but Eyman received a few limited victories. It tossed one of the violations against Eyman, a small portion of the restrictions imposed on him, and asked the trial judge to reconsider the size of the fine levied against him.

A Thurston County judge found in 2021 that Eyman committed “numerous and particularly egregious” violations of campaign finance law from 2012 to 2017 as he mixed money between political committees he controlled and his own checking account.

“The court upheld the overwhelming majority of the trial court’s ruling, including affirming Eyman’s numerous egregious and intentional violations, and keeping in place key court orders to make it harder for Eyman to engage in future illegal conduct,” Ferguson said in a statement Tuesday.

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