300 Members From Oregon’s Restaurant And Bar Industry Sign Letter To Governor And Officials Asking For Immediate Help, Claim 75% Could Close Permanently

Portland, Ore. – About 75 percent of restaurants and bars in Oregon are in danger of closing forever according to the Independent Restaurant Alliance of Oregon. Now they’re asking Governor Brown and officials for several things including immediate financial assistance.

Over 300 members from the group have signed a new letter to Governor Kate Brown and officials asking for some relief and help for local restaurants and bars. They want emergency measures taken to fix unemployment department shortfalls, because some workers are still waiting for benefits from the last shutdown. They are also pushing to change some laws to allow them new ways to make money, like allowing cocktails to go.

One Portland bar isn’t waiting for a new law, they are taking action now to stay alive, but it could get them in trouble. Matt Davidson co-owner of the Botanist cocktail bar in N.W. Portland tells KXL’s Lars Larson his plan to provide cocktails to go by Thanksgiving  is illegal and they could be suspended. He is doing it as a civil disobedience protest.




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