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23 Year Old Survives Suicide Attempt

West Linn, Ore.– Patrick grew up in West Linn. Now 23 he nearly lost his life to suicide at age 11. He appeared to be a happy kid, had friends loved music art and Starbucks coffee. Middle School was brutal for him. In French class he and a female classmate were given the same name one they would you in class all the time. he remarked that isn’t funny we chose the same name, her retort back was ,”The only difference is you’re gay and I’m not.” That hurt him deeply. He became confused and withdrawn some what not really knowing what he was at such a young age. later that same school year a girl in the district ended her life by suicide. Patrick started thinking maybe that was the answer for him too. The feelings became so intense he tried to hang himself in his bedroom closet, then wiggled free as the chair went out from under him. He realizes now there’s a reason he’s here. A fulfilled adult he’s glad his parents took him to counseling and they took him out of the West Linn school district and placed him in an alternative school. Patrick is grateful for more accepting people . he says, “Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem, help is just around the bend.”

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