2022 Portland Community Safety Division Report
Credit: Steve Morgan https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/User:Steve_Morgan

PORTLAND, Ore.– The report targets 4 areas assigned to the Community Safety Division and Community Safety Transition Director, Mike Meyers.

  •  Build alternative emergency service models
  • Send the right responder to the call
  • Align governance structure with goals
  • Reduce the need for public safety response

Mike Meyers says Portland Street Response going citywide as of a week ago is  big deal because the teams will decide what services are needed.  This will help police stay focused on the most violent of crimes and response to those crimes.  Detox centers that were shutdown a couple of years ago need to return.  They will be key in helping homeless re-enter society.  public Safety Support Specialist (PS3) program will provide support to PPB’s sworn members in non-emergency, non-priority situations. The specialists will engage in community outreach with the public, and offer, a visible, community based-police support function to enhance PPB’s service to the public.

During this next year the Community Safety Division wants to send team members into two additional neighborhoods to work on gun violence reduction.  The team helped reduce that kind of crime by 64% in the Mt. Scott neighborhood, according to the report.  The team is responsible to listen to people who live in the neighborhoods and bring necessary resources to them

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