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2019: The Year Coop Became A True Blazers Fan

Alright ya’ll, I’m in.

I had such a great time Sunday, surrounded by fellow Portland Trail Blazers fans, watching the home team win Game 1 of their first round playoff series against the Oklahoma City Thunder.

I didn’t get into Moda Center for the game, but I hit a couple of great “Blazers bars” in and near the Rose Quarter.  I must say, I got totally caught up in the whole thing.

At one point a manager at one of the establishments had to come over and tell me to watch myself.  I was cheering a little too obnoxiously 😛

Anyway, I enjoyed some great cold brews and met some fun new people while watching Portland thrash the Thunder.

It’s a perfect set up, really.  I’ve never had a favorite NBA team, so being in Portland is the perfect opportunity for me to get back in touch with pro basketball.

I’ve rarely paid attention to the NBA since Michael Jordan got out of it for good.  He was a larger-than-life character during my younger years, back when I still played organized basketball regularly.

Ever since I got out of the game myself, I’ve just not had the same desire to watch it.

But, it’s so interesting how quickly I was able to remember what to watch for and how the game moves out on the court and where the opportunities are.  It was kind of nostalgic to put eyes on it and break it down again.

Thanks to Rip City for the great experience and GO BLAZERS!!!


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