20 Year Old Cold Case Solved In Clark County

VANCOUVER, Wash. – A 20 year old cold case is solved in Clark County.

An unidentified body was found in Ridgefield in January 2002.

And after the use of DNA genealogy testing and investigative work, the medical examiner has now identified the body as James Johnson Sr.

To find his identity, his DNA was submitted to a lab, who then traced it to two sisters born in Oregon over 100 years ago.

After linking the sisters to living family members, Johnson’s identity was confirmed.

“This great work by our team helped to provide a family with answers they had been waiting 20 years to receive,” Clark County Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Martha Burt said. “The Medical Examiner’s Office is committed to finding the names of all unidentified decedents in Clark County.”

Additional information

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