Violent Sex Offender Caught

PORTLAND, Ore. — A sex offender who cut off his ankle bracelet just days after being released from prison is back in custody.

56-year-old Dennis Davis turned himself in to his parole officer on Wednesday.  He has a history of violent behavior and has threatened to kill his victim and their family.

“It’s hard to explain why someone would do something right after they got out of prison,” said Sergeant Pete Simpson of the Portland Police Bureau.

Davis’ extensive criminal record includes property crimes, violent crimes, stranger rape convictions involving men and previous sexual offenses.

“He will hurt somebody.  He will.  I don’t wanna say anything bad about anybody, but it’s fact.  You don’t just cut off an ankle bracelet and think you’re okay,” said Jimmie Stewart, the sister of one of the victims.

KXL’s Jeremy Scott contributed to this story

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