Two Children Die From The Flu Doctors Offer Advice To Parents

Portland, Ore.–  No doubt emergency rooms and doctors offices have been very busy in recent week.  The Oregon health Authority says the loss of two young children under the age of 10 this flu season is tragic.  Oregon is one of 36 states where the flu is being called severe.  A nurse manager with the children’s Emergency Department at Providence St. Vincent Medical Center explains that a fever lasting longer than 5 days is a tell tale sign that a child has the flu and could be headed for problem.  if a little stops drinking and eating and the fever persists, it’s time to head to the Doctor’s office. Tylenol and Ibuprofen can reduce aches and fever.

Medical officials  suggest that flu shots are still the best course of action to prevent the flu.  It takes an average of two weeks for the vaccine to get working.  Flu season in Oregon could go into the first couple weeks of March.




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