Terminal 1 Back on the Market

PORTLAND, Ore. – The Portland City Council voted unanimously today to approve Commissioner Nick Fish’s resolution for the Bureau of Environmental Services to resume the sale of Terminal 1.

Fish told KXL that he believes the property is too valuable to use for a mass homeless shelter, a decision that was rescinded today with the resolution’s passage, “This is prime industrial land. It is key to our long term jobs strategy. It is heavily protected…and I thought it was a mistake to even consider taking prime industrial land and using it for a non industrial purpose.”

Terminal 1 is located on Northwest Front Avenue. It is a large paved lot with a 96,000 square foot warehouse and a 3.6 acre dock. All of which will be back on the market on November 3rd, with bids being taken until November 18th, “When all of the offers are in, we will evaluate them. We will pick the one that is the most responsive and provides the most value to our rate payers.”

Fish says that he is looking for a particular buyer, “Ideally, someone would propose to purchase this land and continue to manufacture something on it.”

He hopes to have the entire deal wrapped up by the beginning of 2017.


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