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Cooking Outdoors


There’s sunshine out there! Time to liven up our libations and add some liquid sunshine […]

Leprechaun Soda

We don’t all have to get blasted on St. Patrick’s Day. Here’s a family friendly […]

KILLER B Cocktail

This is a very spicy cocktail featuring Thai red chiles as a main flavor ingredient. […]

Super Bowl Spirits!

Whether you’re rooting for the Giants or Patriots, here’s a cocktail worthy of your team! […]

Pomegranate Cider

This  can be either family friendly or adults only, depending on the liquid ingredients you […]

Alabama Slammer!

Amaretto is the focus of this sweet n spicy thirst quencher. Ingredients: 1.5 oz. Amaretto, […]

Chocolate Stinger

Yes, it’s cold outside! Here’s a sweet, chocolate flavored warmer-upper that’ll bring a smile to your […]

Mulled Grape Cider

Here’s a warm, family-friendly concoction to help you warm up to the New Year! Mulled […]